About Me

Hey there, I'm Jack. I am an avid programmer, math enthusiast, and passionate high school student at Upper Canada College. These characteristics define many of my interests, including three areas of innovation that I am researching: artificial intelligence, biotech, and blockchain.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is an area of modern innovation that I find fascinating because it has so many applications in all aspects of our lives. Recently I have been focusing on researching machine learning with neural networks, a branch of artificial intelligence that is remarkably similar to how humans learn.


The medical industry is changing by the day and for the better. However, I still believe that we are only scraping the surface in the potential of the biotech industry and its potential impact for human advancement. Thermobeat is a project that I am working that disrupts the technology for pacemakers.


I became interested in blockchain initially after learning about cryptocurrencies last year. Blockchain is a new innovation I am interested in because it is incredibly new technology that is capable of changing how society functions. As I learn more about blockchain, I am excited by the variety of ways it can be applied.


I love working on projects. I believe that they show your teamwork skills and passion for a topic. Here are projects I have worked on. You can hover over the images of the projects to learn more about them. As well, you can click on them to go their website.
I am always interested in working on more projects so please feel free to reach out to me.


Full Stack Developer

Management & Collaboration


Computer Science/Programming

Computer Science/Programming
  • Thompson Prize for Grade 11 Computer Science (2016)
  • Certificate of Distinction on Canadian Computing Contest (2017)


  • Silver (100 Hours) Community Service Award (2017)
  • Upper Canada College Principal's List (2016)
  • Top Defenceman Award for JV Soccer (2017)





Toronto, Canada